Mixing Dozen (12-color palette)

Mixing Dozen (12-color palette)


The mixing dozen is a watercolor set with a variety of primaries for expanded flexibility in color mixing. A compilation of bright and muted synthetics and natural earth pigments, opaques and transparents, provide range for painting directly from the palette or infinite potential for color creation. The palette has room for three additional colors so you can add your favorites.

This set is ideal for watercolorists looking to explore pigment qualities across a large selection of artist-grade paints or an urban sketcher seeking a lot of colors in a compact case.

Pyrrole red  |  Pigment: PR254  |  Permanence: excellent
Quinacridone magenta  |  Pigment: PR122  |  Permanence: very good
Perylene maroon  |  Pigment: PR179  |  Permanence: excellent
Burnt sienna  |  Pigment: PR102  |  Permanence: excellent
Phthalo Blue  |  Pigment: PB15:3  |  Permanence: excellent
Ultramarine Blue  |  Pigment: PB29  |  Permanence: excellent
Indanthrone Blue  |  Pigment: PB60  |  Permanence: excellent
Vivianite  |  Pigment: vivianite  |  Permanence: very good
Benzimida yellow  |  Pigment: PY154  |  Permanence: excellent
Iso yellow  |  Pigment: PY110  |  Permanence: excellent
Limonite  |  Pigment: PY43  |  Permanence: excellent
Terre Verte  |  Pigment: PG23  |  Permanence: very good

These compact watercolor palettes are perfect for travel and plein air painting, making an excellent companion for your sketchbook in your everyday carry. A magnet on the bottom of each half pan keeps the paints securely in the metal case, even as the palette is jostled in your bag or tipped as you work. The case lid can either be used as a small mixing surface or tucked out of the way on the bottom of the case.

This product includes a metal slide-top palette and twelve magnetized half pans of watercolor paint in 3d printed pans with shipping lids. For proper fit and ease of use, shipping lids should be removed from the pans prior to putting them into the slide-top palette.

Safety warning: By purchasing this product you agree to follow the precautions outlined at LimnColors.com/safety. In conformance with ASTM D-4326, all Limn Colors paints carry a materials advisement.

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