Enameled Copper Palette and Cups

Enameled Copper Palette and Cups


This handcrafted three-piece painting set was formed in copper, then colored with multiple layers of powdered glass kiln-fired at 1400°. The palette, with three small paint wells and one larger mixing area, was created in partnership with Limn Colors, and this design is available exclusively through our shop. Both water cups have a paintbrush rest on the top.

Each object is unique. This particular trio features clear enamel on the outside of the cups and underside of the palette, along with an opaque white enamel on the palette face and cup interiors. The white surfaces provide clear visibility to the colors being mixed or the clarity of rinse water, while the clear enamel magnifies the beautiful glow of the metal. The exterior of one water cup is slightly textured with a hammered pattern and has burgundy and aqua tones from copper oxides interacting with the enamel. The other cup has a smooth surface and an even rosy color. The set coordinates perfectly, yet reflects the natural variations of the materials used.  

The palette is approximately 5.5 inches in diameter and the cups are about 3.75 inches tall, tapering from 3.25 to 2.25 in diameter.

Price includes one palette and two cups. Art supplies not included.

Because the coating is made of glass, these items should be handled thoughtfully. Though durable, treat them with care.

The maker, Rivkah Procaccia, is an artist, jeweler, and metalsmith based in Brooklyn, New York.

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