Burnt Sienna Watercolor Paint (half pan)

Burnt Sienna Watercolor Paint (half pan)


Burnt sienna watercolor paint is a rich, chestnut brown-red with some granulation. It's a lightfast iron oxide, lovely on its own and a versatile mixing color. Great for an ochre primary set with vivianite and limonite. From cave paintings to chiaroscuro portraits to contemporary palettes, the beauty and usefulness of burnt sienna has kept it on brushes throughout time.

Pigment: PR102
Lightfastness: Excellent

This product is one half pan of watercolor paint in a 3d printed pan with shipping lid.

Safety warning: By purchasing this product you agree to follow the precautions outlined at LimnColors.com/safety. In conformance with ASTM D-4326, all Limn Colors paints carry a materials advisement. Sienna pigments contain some level of manganese, which can have a chronic health effect.

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