Benzimida Yellow Watercolor Paint (half pan)

Benzimida Yellow Watercolor Paint (half pan)


Benzimdazolone yellow watercolor paint (also known as permanent yellow or azo yellow) is a bright, lightfast, transparent, true yellow. It has good tinting strength and creates clear mixes, making it the perfect primary. 

Pigment: PY154
Lightfastness: Excellent

This product is one half pan of watercolor paint in a 3d printed pan with shipping lid.

Safety warning: By purchasing this product you agree to follow the precautions outlined at In conformance with ASTM D-4326, all Limn Colors paints carry a materials advisement. Limn Colors paint is an irritant if ingested, aspirated, or comes in contact with eyes, and may cause irritation to skin. If eye or skin contact occurs, rinse with clean tap water immediately and thoroughly. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

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