Want to see if you actually like watercolor, are a beginner who doesn't know know where to start, or are ready for a deeper understanding of watercolor so you can move beyond dabbling? Our watercolor classes will introduce you to tools and techniques so you are more confident when you are painting, shopping for art supplies, or formulating a project.

You can take a group lab or sign up for a one-on-one lesson. With in-person classes, you can ask questions, get more detail or help where you need it, and see things from a different angle. 



Private 1:1s currently booked up through November
Contact Amanda to request future availability

Dates and times negotiable.
Typically $50/hour for one person, $75/hour for two people.
Lessons are available in blocks of 2, 3, or 4 hours each.
One-on-one classes are held at the Limn Colors studio in Berkeley, CA.

We can tailor our time together based on what you'd like to accomplish. Here are suggested topics:

Intro to Materials - Take a guided tour of watercolor paints, papers, and brushes. Apply paint with washes, wet-on-wet, glazing, and dry-brushing; practice markmaking with a variety of brush shapes; and run a battery of tests on different watercolor papers to understand their characteristics.

Color Mixing - Learn about pigment properties, mixing and matching colors, and basic color theory. Gain better color intuition to make the mixing process faster and more rewarding.

Paint Textures and Effects - Go through a series of guided experiments to create beautiful, abstract work while adding many techniques to your painting repertoire. Exploring various tools and materials is an approachable way to get familiar with watercolor paint, to conquer your fear of making a mark on a blank page, or just to play and be creative.



Dates, times, locations negotiable
Priced per event details

Group classes can be customized to fit your goals and vision, from educational and technical to experimental fun. Workshops are technique-driven, with an optional final project (individual works or a collaborative group piece) to utilize skills learned. See suggested topics above for a starting place to designing your perfect team build day or private group lesson.

Workshops are available in 3- or 4-hour blocks.
All-day events combine two topics or projects with a lunch break in the middle.

Pricing is based on the number of attendees, subjects covered, location, and materials used. For example, a three-hour, six-person class at your location in the East Bay begins at $700. Pricing includes all materials used. For an additional fee, we can also handle all logistics, including hosting at a lovely, convenient off-site location and arranging a catered meal.